Our Services Include:

 We provide care to patients ages 12 and above.  We also provide care to patients in hospitals and nursing homes (Medicare only).


  Cancer screening

Colon, Prostate, Cervical, Breast


   Screening and treatment for:

Diabetes & weight management

Heart disease & cholesterol

Lung disease & asthma

Osteoporosis & menopause

Bone & joint disease




   Annual physical exam including:

Pap smear & breast exam

Prostate exam

Hearing & vision exam



   Diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases:

Removal of skin tags and moles

Skin Cancer


   We provide:

Holter monitor & treadmill


Lab tests for quilified patients

Prescription Policy:

Some prescriptions renewal can be done by telephone or fax. Please have your pharmacy contact us with your request. All new prescriptions will be ordered following office visit and patient examination.


Hospital Affiliation:

We are contracted with most insurance plans and HMO’s in the area.  If you are not covered by an insurance plan, other arrangements can be made.

We are affiliated with the following hospitals:

 Placentia-Linda in Placentia

 St. Jude in Fullerton

Kindred in Brea


We also follow our patients in some

skilled nursing facilities. 


Aesthetic Center

We are excited about our new aesthetic center!


  Cosmetic Laser

Laser hair removal


Blue light for acne

Skin resurfacing and mini face lift

Vascular blemish and rosacia removal


  Botox® Cosmetics


  Dermal Fillers





  Radiofrequency ablation

Minimal scarring and bleeding

Mole and skin tag removal


Patient Resources:

To save time at your next appointment, please print and fill out the following forms and bring them with you to your first appointment.

Health History

Patient Information

Privacy Practices Receipt


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